Project Ramon

A learning journey from a Ruby noob perspective

Here is my project page for project

I will add the revised and condensed MVP feature-set to test once the app is up. And after some discussion with Jonathon over at airpair, I may start to add things as the project gets rolling. Maybe some screenshots of what I’m working on, bite-sized lessons I learned from my pairing mentors, and some light color commenting along the way. 

The two features I plan for completion are:

  1. An event scheduler
  2. RSVP ever so slightly gamified.

The following skill-sets will be utilized in this project

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Git
  • CSS/bootstrap
  • Deployment
  • Advanced Active Record

Here are some wireframes of how I imagine this being put together.


revised index page. Features include separation of future events and past event groups, removes even photo, removes price and ‘x’ spots left from past events.


pt.1 of revised show page. Features future events only held in a tabbed container. Back button added. I need to replace back button with back hyperlink. Image gallery is tentative on project time.


pt.2 of the revised show page. Features API integration.

pt.2 of the revised show page. Features API integration.



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