Project Ramon

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Lunch Panoply

Project Lunch Panopoly

noun 1. A complete or impressive collection of things.

Customer: A company who buys lunch for their staff members.

Problem: Your work is paying for everyone’s lunch somewhere, and you can appreciate the democratic process.

**Update 01-20-14**

Lates Wires:








A site that offers company employees the ability to vote on whats purchased for lunch. The venue/meal for the day with the highest votes is what the company orders for their staff.

Lunch Panoply has an administrator back end that allows CRUD management to Company.

Employees can view which meals are already popular on the menu index page (weighted as follows: most votes get top listing on menu index page). An employee can vote on one of the favorites on the menu or add a meal/venue not yet considered. Once menu deadline has passed, email blast is issued, and lunch is delivered.


Company: name, address, city, state, zip

Employee: full_name, votes, comments, win_count, issued_count, rsvp

Venue: name, address, city, state, zip, menu, rsvp_deadline

Meal: title, desc, votes,  price, deadline, comments


Company => Employee, Venue

Employee => Venue, Meal,



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