Project Ramon

A learning journey from a Ruby noob perspective

Procs & Lambdas pt.1

Today I learned a bit about when and how to use Procs and Lambdas. At first read of the documentation I found it a bit notional (probably due to my lack of understanding about how they worked), but quickly changed my tune after completing the codeacadmy lesson, and watching this Ruby Tapas video by @avdi. In no time, I was enjoying small eureka moments while working the exercises out on […]

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Sunday Hash-a-thon

This morning I was working out my newbie hash-fu. After awhile I was able to wrap things up by working on this project I recently completed at Code Academy. I’ll call it movie_manager. Movie Manager allows a user to enter movie titles, and add a rating to each. Lets see what it looks like. First up is creating a hash to store in the variable movie_list. This is where all data […]

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I am convinced that I can boil my 5 projects down into something more streamlined and not so feature ridden. I’ve been reading a book by @jasonfried and @dhh called Rework for the first time. There were a few points I’d like to briefly share about that were partially responsible for this post. The chapter entitled “You’re better off witih a kick-ass half than a half-assed whole”, is a 4 […]

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Project banking pt 2 aka “The cleanup”

This post is an attempt at not only getting my previous code running right, but also to clean up some of the ideas that I feel I only implemented half-baked. I’m aliasing this post as “the cleanup”. It turns out that there were several things I wasn’t understanding properly with project banking. Click here to take a  look at my first attempt… PS. Have your barf bags prepped and ready, […]

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Project banking.rb

Today I’m working on something I thought was so simple to complete that its a bit embarrassing to post with errors. Here is where I’m at currently. I have a mini program called banking with only 2 classes. An account class, and the Interact class. I have three methods that corresponds to the types of transactions available at the banking project. The Interact class is intended to be where all […]

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Use the Force, my young Padawan! - Imgur


I am fortunate enough to have found, a site that places experienced and gracious programmers in touch with people like me, a young padawan of the discipline.

I’ve been into web development programming for approximately 3 years now. And without a CS degree or many people to discuss concepts/problems with, I find the ability to learn from someone else to be just what I need to level up my development related skill-sets.

So, the plan to improve my understanding and execution with Ruby is to create 5 projects over a period of 10 weeks. You can view the initial airpair discussion I had with Jonathon  about this plan/project for a series of mentor sessions on youtube.

It should be noted that I am going to strip down the feature list after reading a book Jonathon @airpair suggested called Rework by @jasonfried and @dhhIt may be a good idea to check back to this article if you happen to be reading this a week or so before September 18th, 2013.

**Updated — check out my updated list here!

I intend to have a blast while learning from some great mentors and look forward to some hard work while completing 5 projects over 10 weeks. The goal of growing into  a proficient, sociable, yet student-like junior developer over time will be my trophy.

As far as blogging goes, I’m thinking that I should express in writing my understanding of the tools of the Ruby language, then go onto small projects I can find to both work through then write about.

This is all relatively new to me.

I started HTML/CSS back in August 2010 and PHP in October 2010. I made the switch to Ruby in April of 2012. So any pointers, corrections, criticisms, etc… to my code or even what/how I write will be well received, no worries. My objective being not to turn down any opportunity to improve.

Until next time,