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I’ve been thinking over the past couple of weeks how I can improve my writings on this blog. Today I’ll share some of the thoughts I’ve had and some possible solutions to the challenge of posting 2 – 3 posts per week.

Where I Spend Time

First things first, I want to share the programming related activities I do consistently each week in an effort to grow.

#1. Codewars

I typically start my day with one or two exercises over at codewars. The site has a lot of exercises and is a fun way for me to get my mind in the game for the day ahead.

As far as writing posts about my time spent on codewars, here are some thoughts I have.


  • It would be beneficial for me personally to write my thoughts about each exercise

    1. I would treat a post of this sort as my ‘rubber duck’, and explain out my reasoning.
    2. I could imagine receiving comments about improving my solutions to the exercises. All of you commenters on this site have been extremely valuable as a learning resource for me. Thank you!

  • I’m not sure that I’m in love with the idea of posting answers to exercises geared to help new programmers like myself learn how to think (in large part, for themselves) through the small challenges on the codewars site.


I plan on continuing to provide posts as I work towards completing and launching this and future projects. I am currently stuck on implementing multi-tenancy in Rails using devise for authentication.


  • It’s both informative and enjoyable to have the ability to track my project’s progression, over time, by looking at past posts

  • When I’m stuck (or need to step away) from a hurdle that pertains to making forward progress, I’m not sure that writing posts during the process of figuring my way forward is beneficial to you the reader or myself until I actually figure it out and am able to write about solutions. I don’t mind writing about my first attempt or two, but at a certain point I may be just creating more noise than signal.

I am planning on doing an Airpair on multi-tenancy in rails with devise in the near to mid future and will definitely have some thoughts to share at it’s conclusion.

#3. Ruby Lib Specs

About a month or so ago, I’ve been testing the Ruby library. I was inspired by the writings in this blog post by The Pragmatic Studio and am probably around half way done with Ruby’s Array class.

The benefits that I’ve found from my short time testing Ruby’s Array class can be can be summed up nicely with an excerpt from The Pragmatic Studio post:

But the real value of writing these tests was less about testing, and more about learning. Through trial and error they taught me how Ruby and its rich set of libraries really work. Not surprisingly, typing in code and running it makes you remember. Indeed, writing learning tests is a fun way to poke and prod any new language or API. And with every test you write you’re investing in an executable knowledge base.

Here are some pros and cons of including posts about my progress in this exercise moving forward.


  • Pretty much a no brainer, I’m sure I can find interesting nuggets to write about as I progress
  • Expanding my knowledge and usage of methods
  • I could see myself writing posts about combining functionality from multiple classes as I learn to use and mix and match toolsets

  • I need to avoid blindly listing method features in a manner similar to the actual Ruby API
    1. Writing about a new method discovery and mechanics is ok but,
    2. when my posts begin to mimic this… Thats the time reevaluate my approach.

#4. Rubysteps

I have been enjoying the past two months or so learning from rubysteps. Theres enough content for my schedule to keep me busy and I’ve also developed quite a bit of curiosity into learning how to better architecture my code because of the lessons there.

Here’s a shortlist of some topics of interest to me:

I could see posts on refactoring and on design patterns once a week being beneficial towards me eventually creating smaller projects (not soley Rails based), that would demonstrate the new understanding I’ve acquired, or hold me accountable to what I don’t yet completely understand, in an effort to improve.


So now that I’ve written out some thoughts on how to improve my writing (and your reading) experience, let me know if you have any comments and/or critiques. My goal is to maybe select a couple of my activities mentioned above, writing once a week about the different things that fill my week programmatically.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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