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Picks of the Week: Git documentation & Multi-Tenant Resources


Hello and happy Wednesday!

I’ve been busy recently, and have yet to complete my implementation of multi-tenancy in my Rails project. I plan on having a post on how things turned out when I finish, but until then I thought it was high time that I share some of my favorite recent discoveries as picks of the week!

Multi-tenancy Resources

Here is a short list of additional resources I’ve either already read or plan on reading in the near term based on multi-tenant web applications:

Git Documentation

I’ve been catching the Git bug lately, meaning I’ve been really interested in expanding my understanding and usage of Git. I’ve stumbled upon some very nice looking docs for basic Git created by Atlassian.

And check out their layout:


Well done!

Some additional new resources I’ve found helpful to refresh my beginner’s memory are:

In Closing

Lastly, I wanted to re-watch one of my first AirPair’s with expert Edward Anderson just to have a blast from the past moment, and also see how far I’ve come, knowledge wise, over the past year.



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