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Exploring Rails: accepts_nested_attributes_for pt[2]


Hello and welcome!

In my last post, we were working on getting deeply nested forms to work without error.

Here’s a look at the error we ended on last time:


I was able to get these errors to quiet down by being a bit more explicit with my two has_many associations on Student & TeacherAid by passing a parameter called inverse_of like so:


Using inverse_of

I found some documentation here from the Rails API to give us a bit of understanding about what this options provides us.


And here’s a snippet from a this StackOverflow question as well:


If I were asked to boil these down, I would say that inverse_of is used for explicitness, taking the guess-work off the shoulders of Rails needing to figure which class name an association is defined between.

With this error now silent, lets take a look at our form template again.

An (almost) Working Deeply Nested Form

Here we can see that all of our form fields are properly showing up.


Note the values for the teacher’s primary_phone and secondary_phone form fields.


Now lets commit this form and take a look at the primary and secondary phone numbers:


Defining the Problem

So did you catch the primary and secondary phone issue from the show template shown above? Basically I have defined two different object associations on one polymorphic table. You can see this on lines: 11 & 12 in the following illustration:

But for reasons I have yet to find insight into, both Teacher‘s and TeacherAid‘s secondary phone numbers are reading the value entered into the primary number’s field.

Lets take a quick look at our _form.html.erb and our show.html.erb templates to see if I made a mistake assigning variables to POST or GET these resource representations.

Here’s our form template:


This appears to be correct. I’m using the f iterative variable on lines: 13-16 for the first set of phone numbers because they represent our parent model’s phone attributes. And on line: 21 I’m defining a nested iterative variable resource by using f.fields_for :teacher_aids and calling teach_aid.fields_for :primary_phone/:secondary_phone.

Lets peak at the show template to see if I made an error on that page:


And things appear to be written correctly on this template as well.

I’m calling @teacher.primary_phone.area_code @teacher.primary_phone.number and for the TeacherAid, I’m doing the same thing with teacher_aid as well.

Next Steps

Over this coming weekend, I plan to take a closer look into polymorphic tables. My goals are to find out if I cannot, in fact, define two unique objects on one polymorphic table. This doesn’t seem likely, but it will feel good to dig into some docs and blogs to see what I’m overlooking.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned…


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