Project Ramon

A learning journey from a Ruby noob perspective

Gameplan: Moving Forward


Now that I’ve finished with my second project at AirPair I’ve written down some things I want to accomplish over the next few weeks. Most of these goals are in the learning Ruby/Rails department, although I received more than a few great ideas from some of the friends that I’ve paired with. Anyhow, here’s my 1 month game plan.

  1. Create and maintain a list of 5 things I do not know, as one thing is marked off of the list, add something new to replace it.
  2. Finish the tic tac toe game that I started with Mark Simoneau.
  3. Re-install OS 10.7.5 and GCC to regain the ability to use libv8 in my Rails dependencies again.
  4. Re-write with tests this time.
  5. Follow Brandon Hilkert’s Build a Ruby Gem course.

#1. I read this in a book I purchased called  Apprenticeship Patterns Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman. I plan on periodically sharing my thoughts I have from reading this book during the next few weeks.

#2. I recently had a pair with Ahmed Nadar and until our session, forgot how much I am interested in gaining more experience in building programs on this level.

#3. I’m currently having this issue with my Rails dependencies, and Edward Anderson made the challenge for me to find a solution and write my results to this Stack Overflow question, as the answers in this particular question did not resolve my issue.

#4. I am having a problem with the authentication not performing properly. I believe this is due to an error in the way I installed/setup Devise. I plan on writing this application over but test-driving it this time.

#5. Ever since I’ve started programming I’ve been itching to get to the level or proficiency where I could write code that I would use over and over. Brandon Hilkert’s course looks like a definitive step towards that destination.

There are some additional things I am attempting to add into my everyday workflow. Russell Baker suggested for me to consider making the time to read Ruby code, and encouraged me to take notes on Ruby/Rails in markdown. Both were excellent suggestions and I was happy that he shared this site to visit which lists quite a few open sourced Rails projects.

I’ve been very blessed over the past few months.

I’ve grown from this


to this.



If you have any additional suggestions, I invite you to leave a comment.



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