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Picks of the week: Conference Calls & Front end Goodness



Today I’ve been putting the skin on my latest project sevendaysports. Its taken me longer than expected, but the things I’ve learned will undoubtedly serve me in the near future.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of ERB of late, two of my three picks of the week have to do with the front end perspective.

Layout it!


It’s cool to see new products come to market that make development easier and quicker. This site is no exception, it features a drag-and-drop interface for twitter bootstrap. You can do cool things like nest elements into one another and they even include drag-and-drop javascript components such as a carousel slider, modals, and flash messages.

You should check them out while they’re still in beta!

Here’s their demo video to provide you with a TGIF taste test:



This second pick comes from my pairing pal Russell Baker. Who knew that I didn’t have to travel to all of these places in order to experience Ruby community talks! Well ConFreaks provides expert recording services for conferences, seminars, and workshops.

I especially like how their landing page lists the most viewed videos from the last week, and of all time. They have presentations from US and non-US conferences. I’ve seen destinations from all over. Spain, India, and Poland to name a few, and I’m sure there are many more non-US locations. Pretty cool.

Here are a two presentations that I plan on watching when I have some free time.
I’m sending links instead of embeds for these, because I’m not entirely sure if its cool (i.e. legal) to embed someone else’s videos, but the links below are both from the confreaks website.

Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2013
A tale of two MVC’s by: Yehuda Katz

Mountain West Ruby Conference 2021

Designing Hypermedia APIs by: Steve Klabnik

I’ll definitely be utilizing some free time watching these two videos I quickly found inside of their extensive library of conference presentations.


I’ve used this site for my very first Rails project,  also for my current project for AirPair. I have found that their templates are fresh in aesthetic design, reasonably priced for both profit and non-profit use cases, and many of them are responsive/cross device compatible. Having access to multi-device compatible designs, in my opinion, is an outstanding resource for anyone planning on bootstrapping a web business.

I like how they have categorized templates by specific needs. Everything from logos, WordPress templates, to admin and dash board interfaces. If you are a front-end designer you can even sell your templates on their site. Based on the number of purchases from some of their templates, I can tell that there are those who aren’t doing too shabby at all using Wrap Bootstrap as a storefront for their designs.

There are other template sites that offer bootstrap templates, even nice looking templates. But I’ve found that I can find something visually attractive, in less time  and without headache using {WrapBootstrap}.

Here’s a screen shot of one of their templates I used with my first Rails project whizcharts. I have some design touch ups still on the to-do list for this project, so please bare with the non-pixel perfect current layout.


So these are the picks from this week. I hope you try all of these sites out and have as much enjoyment testing them out as I have!


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