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Picks of the week


Thank goodness its Friday! I’m currently on pace to have my sevendaysports project completed by this coming Friday.

By: Ruby Off Rails

My first pick of the week is an online learning resource I found while browsing online.

Ruby off Rails  by Jesse Wolgamott looks like  just the resource I need  to increase my understanding of Ruby, one concept at a time. I’ve even taken the time this week to go over a free lesson covering A Review of Ruby blocks, where he covers an assortment of topics available on his site for a small monthly subscription. I really liked his educational blueprint of watching something cool, learning the vocabulary, and then learning to understand the theory behind what we saw demonstrated. I’m looking forward to participating in this as soon as I finish the sevendaysports project.

By: Thoughtbot

My second pick of the week comes from my AirPair with Edward Anderson earlier today. I have been having troubles with gcc ever since I upgraded my OS, and thankfully Edward shared  a link to a tutorial from Thoughbot that addressed this very issue. It’s entitled The Hitchiker’s Guide to Riding a Mountain Lion, and I plan on giving this a read and implementation attempt over the weekend.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rails Controllers. Checkout today’s pair with Edward!


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  1. Ramon, I have an idea for a site I want to discuss with you. How can I get in touch?

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