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I am convinced that I can boil my 5 projects down into something more streamlined and not so feature ridden. I’ve been reading a book by @jasonfried and @dhh called Rework for the first time. There were a few points I’d like to briefly share about that were partially responsible for this post.

The chapter entitled “You’re better off witih a kick-ass half than a half-assed whole”, is a 4 paragraph chapter discussing how to get ‘great’ out of ‘good’. It starts out by sharing about how to increase one’s focus, when project building. Instead of jam packing features into an initial build, its best to focus on one thing, and do it well.

For my list of projects, I can see how following the authors’ advice of starting out by cutting your project aspirations in half, can position myself towards improving one feature, becoming more acquainted with the intricacies if for no other reason than I’d at least have more experience doing so over time. The flip side would be having five, ten, or just too many features to ever have enough time to sift/iterate over enough ‘good’ to make an app ‘great’, or have one thing clearly setting it apart from competitors.

“Getting to great starts by cutting out stuff that’s merely good.”

Here is my attempt at focusing these projects to a core feature-set:

  • Event scheduler
  • view event
  • see other users who have already RSVP’ed
  • RSVP event

  • admin and user class
  • users image and media uploads (associates with user)
  • admin image and media uploads (associates with admin)
  • admin privileges (approve/deny user posts)
  • articles class created by either admin or user(upon approval from admin)

Food Label Assistant (no domain name currently)

  • Recipe import
  • Recipe to ingredient breakdown
  • associate tags for diabetics only. Tags represent acceptable ingredient substitutes

Handy man for a day (no domain name currently)

  • javascript based live chatroom
  • allow both sides of transaction search for one another, and express interest to with one another for either hiring or working
  • allow both sides of transaction agree to job particulars through bullet points
  • convert bullet points into a pdf

If you have read this far, and see how I could condense the feature-sets of this list even further, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. is a book that will change the way you work and think.Great book, as good as ruby on rails!


  1. Introduction | Project Ramon

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