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Project banking.rb

Today I’m working on something I thought was so simple to complete that its a bit embarrassing to post with errors. Here is where I’m at currently.

I have a mini program called banking with only 2 classes. An account class, and the Interact class.

I have three methods that corresponds to the types of transactions available at the banking project.

The Interact class is intended to be where all the communication with the user is housed.

The last file (called banking.rb), is my attempt at pulling the two classes and hopefully a complete transaction together.

As you can see from the code, there is a little ways to go to get it running, and maybe even longer until I understand exactly what I’m trying to do.

Oh, the joy of learning!

The challenges set out for my next post in this project miniseries will be to:

  1. Get rid of the undefined method ‘send_balance’ thats causing the NameError
  2. Use to figure out why I’m having such a difficult time understanding how to pass methods across classes.
  3. Respond and address any code critiques I may receive about my project.

Until tomorrow,



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